The September 11th Issue of The American

To most of us, electricity is of interest only when the power goes out. But it's a fascinating element in daily life and commerce — a major player in the state's efforts to entice businesses to set up shop here. Maine's electric rates, revenues and regulations are the focus of a three-part series that begins in today's edition.

Have you noticed those bright yellow Planet Aid used clothing boxes popping up all over the place. There's an interesting story that goes with them. The boxes are yellow, but the opportunity is golden. Page 1.

The Ellsworth Planning Board is taking a second — or is it a tenth — look at its propensity to grant waivers to people whose projects don't quite meet the regs. Some of the board's members are asking why we have the regs if we're not going to stick with them. Follow the debate on Page 1.

A special legislative commission, co-chaired by our own state Rep. Louie Luchini, contracted with a gambling consultant to see if casinos have a future in Maine. Not too surprisingly, the gambling-aligned consultant said yes. But is the answer no? Check out our story on Page 1 and our lead editorial today.

All this plus an exceptionally sparkling Arts section, high school football, high school cross-country, Autumn Gold, cops & courts, honors for a Castine firefighter and word that the much-admired principal of the Surry Elementary School will step down at year's end.

Yes, it's all in The American ... The Ellsworth American ... serving the community since 1851, two years after M. Jolly-Bellin discovered dry-cleaning by accidentally upsetting a lamp containing turpentine and oil on his clothing. Suddenly, all the spots were gone!

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