The June 6th Issue of The American

We all know about the Teddy Bears Picnic. But only now do we learn that we’ve been catering the event. Bear sightings and house calls are on the rise and Hancock County homeowners with suddenly empty bird feeders will attest that the uninvited guests are numerous. We know why. Page 1.

Ah summer: barbecues, beer and roadwork on primary thoroughfares. We’ve got the story on Ellsworth and Blue Hill. Page 1.

The legislative districts in Maine are due to be redrawn and you may find you have a new state rep or a new state senator. Maybe that will be an improvement. We’ve got the details.

And there’s an election coming up in Ellsworth Tuesday. For City Council. Just one name on the ballot. Could it be any easier?

And this is the week we launch our annual Boat & Boating pages: all kinds of information about having a good time on the water in Hancock County, be it aboard a kayak, sailboat or motor craft. So shove off, weigh anchor and shiver your own timbers.

It’s all in The American ... The Ellsworth American ... serving the community since 1851, the year baker Robert Love of Glasgow, Scotland, disembarked in Honolulu harbor.He and his wife and their three sons had made the 80-day voyage aboard the “Adirondack,” an American ship making its way from Sydney, Australia, that arrived in Honolulu on June 19. Less than a month later, on July 12, 1851, the Ministry of the Interior issued Robert Love a retail store license permitting him to operate a bakery. In 1853, Robert Love purchased property on Nuuanu Street and opened the first Love’s bakery. During the 1850s, the principal income of the bakers of Honolulu – including Love’s Bakery – came from re-baking ships’ bread which had become unfit for use during long voyages, and from reprovisioning ships’ stores with hard biscuits known as hardtack, pilot bread or navy bread.

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