The July 4th Issue of The American

The excitement at Woodlawn is usually contained, and, more likely, refined. But there was no containing Walk Walk, the Amazonian parrot who flew the coop, winging his way from his Ellsworth home and coming to rest high up in the trees above. So, the question is: How do you get an Amazonian parrot out of an Ellsworth pine tree? Answer: with difficulty. Page 1

Well, the Legislature has drawn up a budget and rebuffed the Governor’s veto. But the devil is in the details, including the ever-shrinking line item called Revenue Sharing. This is the money that’s supposed to go to the towns but, somehow, now it’s going to Augusta. How do the towns feel about that? You’re right! And we have the quotes. Page 1

Oh, and happy Fourth of July everyone! They’re all smiles at Pyro City in Ellsworth where the sales of fireworks are … get ready … here it comes … BOOMING! Page 1

Who says Governor LePage is a hard guy? Not the folks at Open Door in Ellsworth, the drug recovery center. LePage talked to the people at Open Door last month and decided to send $50,000 their way. Way to go, Paul.

Oh, and don’t miss the story about the guy in Orland who was so annoyed with whoever ripped him off that he put up a sharply worded sign on the side of the road. That’s telling ‘em.

All this plus baseball, road races, reviews, a parade schedule, Rotary Club news, a preview picture of the new nursing home coming to Ellsworth, cops & courts, The Grand’s big week and list of the winners of the pie contest at Orland River Day.

It’s all in The AmericanThe Ellsworth American… serving the community since 1851, the year Abe Lincoln’s father died. Thomas Lincoln (1778-1851) was a farmer and carpenter. He never learned to write, but was a well-respected member of the community and Baptist Church

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