The July 25th Issue of The American

It’s party time in Ellsworth. The Shire City is 250 years old this year and the observances are many and festive. We’ve got a lavishly illustrated report on Saturday’s kickoff and a preview of what is yet to come. Page 1.

The breakaway republics of Ellsworth, Hancock and Lamoine have received the Department of Education’s blessing to pursue their plan to pull out of Regional School Unit 24. It’s not over till it’s over, of course, and there’s still a long path ahead. But we’ll give you the latest. Page 1.

We also have a report on the tragedy in Roque Bluffs, where two women drowned Tuesday when their car went into the water on a foggy night. A very sad story. Page 1.

They pay their taxes but they don’t use our schools. They shop locally and volunteer generously. They patronize local carpenters, hair salons, shops and professionals. Some people think they’re a problem, but we think any bloc of 70 million people is a market and a market force. Who? Retirees. Today we resume our occasional series on the contribution retirees make to the local economy.

And this is an Out & About week! No wonder the paper’s so fat! Out & About is the go-to guide for visitors and year-rounders to make the most of these dazzling summer months.

All this plus weddings and engagements, cops and courts, sports, obituaries, local editorials, a DVD review, a wine review (sort of), news from Blue Hill, Stonington, Deer Isle, Gouldsboro, Lamoine, Hancock, Bucksport and Ellsworth, Letters to the Editor and a story that lays waste to the age-old belief that there is no free lunch.

It’s all in The American. The Ellsworth American. Serving the community since 1851, the year Marie Therese Charlotte of France died. She was the eldest child of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. She became the Dauphine of France on the accession of her father-in-law to the throne of France in 1824. Technically, she was the Queen of France for 20 minutes in 1830 — between the time her father-in-law signed the instrument of abdication and the time her husband, reluctantly, signed the same document. Hope she had fun while it lasted!

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