The August 1st Issue of The American

A little sun, a little rain, throw in some pollination, throw out the wicked insects and implore the weather gods to go easy on the heat waves and you might just end up with an abundant harvest of blueberries. And we might just. It’s our signature crop and ... as we speak ... it’s looking good.
Page 1.

Law-breaking does not require an advanced college degree, but a modest amount of study would suggest that an extension cord stretching from an empty house to a peopled house might attract attention. People noticed. One of those people was a cop. Page 1.

A rainy summer day sounds like the very definition of a bummer. But what if those showers drove tourists indoors and into local stores? Ca-ching! Page 1.

We present today Part 2 in our series on retirees as an economic engine.
They pay their bills, they pay their taxes ... and they volunteer! Page 1.

And ponder the Law of Unintended Consequences as the Blue Hill Selectmen learn that their attempt to preserve the integrity of town roads has caused headaches for some local businesses that depend on said roads.

Inside today’s American is our annual “August in Ellsworth” section that is bursting with information about things to do, see and devour in Our Fair City this month. Such a happening place! Who knew?

All this plus cops and courts, a photo wrap-up of Ellsworth’s 250th birthday blowout, the Down East YMCA’s triathlon, business news and our scintillating Worship Page . Hallelujah!

All in The American. The Ellsworth American. Serving the Downeast community since 1851, the year Goodyear patented the hard rubber button. Hard rubber buttons were popular because they were so sturdy. Collectors call hard rubber buttons "Goodyear buttons." Charles Goodyear held the patent but did not make any buttons. Charles Goodyear's vulcanization patent expired in 1865. However, the Goodyear hard rubber patent of May 6, 1851 (covering buttons, combs, etc.) was extended (by Nelson Goodyear) in 1865 and did not expire until May 6, 1872.

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