The September 12th Issue of The American

Where there’s smoke, there’s an Ellsworth American. Welcome to the Firefighters Edition of The American, wherein we welcome every town’s hometown heroes, who are in Ellsworth for their 50th annual convention and a weekend of parading, mustering, a memorial and fun. We’ve got a special section full of history, cool photos and the weekend’s schedule, plus a Front Page story about the big parade and how to navigate to — or around — all the fun.

That business about death and taxes is proving true. The latest certainty is that the Maine sales tax is going up starting Oct. 1. We tell you why, how and how your neighbors feel about it. Page 1.

On a happier note, a two-person delegation representing a seaside province in South Korea has been in the area checking out boats and boating. It seems there’s interest in bringing coastal boating culture to South Korea...which could be a boon to the boatbuilding industry Downeast. Page 1.

And two nice girls from Sedgwick cleaned up in the best veggies competition at the Blue Hill Fair. Learn the story behind their great triumph.

All this plus a paranormal investigation, a troop greeter and a vet connecting 20 years later, Heard Around Town, high school cross-country, a Noel Paul Stookey concert for a good cause, the general contractor for the Moore School renovation, the national debt and the sheriff and the county commissioners duking it out in court.

It’s all in The American ... The Ellsworth American ... serving the community since 1851, the year Kate Chopin was born. Chopin wrote a number of short stories, among them “The Locket,” a tale of love and war (the Civil War) that concludes with a very surprising twist. Worth a read!

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