The September 26th Issue of The American

Residents of Ellsworth, Lamoine and Hancock are aware, no doubt, that one of the issues on the Nov. 5 election ballot is whether to pull out of Regional School Unit 24. It’s a big issue and a heated one. Today we have a Page 1 story about some give and take at a recent meeting in Ellsworth. Next week we start a three-part, three-week examination of the issues. Oh, and by the way, if one or more of the three communities leaves the RSU, the remaining towns will feel the impact. That’s why one of our analysis pieces will be headlined “It Tolls for Thee.”
We have a generally rosy report on the 2013 apple crop and a story about an astronaut coming to address stargazers in Winter Harbor that is out of this world. Both page 1.
And this week we took up a top-to-bottom explanatory piece on Obamacare. We took it up and then we put it back down because the subject is too gosh darn huge. What we deliver is the impact of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) on the average Downeast Maine lobsterman. This much we feel comfortable explaining. Page 1.
Maine Coast Memorial Hospital reports a good year and takes an optimistic look at the year ahead and the Lamoine Planning Board and a gathering of gravel pit operators are looking for a way to settle their differences short of litigation.
This is Autumn Gold Weekend in Ellsworth. We’ve got a special section that tells you what’s up and where.
All this and more is in this week’s American ... The Ellsworth American ... serving the community since 1851, the year Joanna Baillie died. Born in Scotland, Joanna Baillie’s poetry ranged from songs and lyrical ballads to dramatic monologues and realistic blank verse poems relating to her youth in the Scottish countryside and her life in London. She belongs in the Romantic canon, a link between Robert Burns' Scottish poetry and William Wordsworth’s meditations on nature.

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