The January 9th Issue of The American

Cold enough for ya? Can you say "Polar Vortex"? We'd try, but our teeth are chattering. Anyway, the vortex is due to return to Canada by Friday and power has been restored to everyone who lost it over Christmas. Now the issue is heat ... especially for those without much money. We have a report on heating aid (what there is of it) and the cold weather on page 1 this week.

We also have a report on gambling in Maine where you'll learn that a gaming license in Maine is one of the world's great bargains. These licenses are too cheap, according to Ellsworth State Rep. Louie Luchini, who co-chairs a legislative commission studying gambling. If you're interested in the economics of casinos and harness racing, our report is a sure bet.
The Ellsworth Free Clinic is in the pink with a new board, new officers and new funding. Fearing it would have to curtail services, the clinic now plans to expand its services.
And a development company has purchased 2,000 acres in Surry. Wonder why? Find out in this week's American, where you'll also find a world of high school basketball, good food, a history of the Maine Community Foundation, a shopping "do over" for Ellsworth's downtown merchants, lobstering in winter, cops & courts and the acquisition of a Rumford paper mill by Verso paper.
It's all in The American ... The Ellsworth American ... serving the community since 1851, the year Colt introduced its Navy revolver. It used paper cartridges filled with black powder and was one of the most popular guns Colt ever made, even if the paper cartridges sometimes caught fire. It remained in production until the 1860 Army revolver was introduced. The original '51 fired a 36-caliber bullet.

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