The February 20th Issue of The American

One hates to toot one's own horn, but we got some really great shots at this year's Father-Daughter Dance. Take a look at Page 1 and then scoot over to fenceviewer.com.

Today's Front Page provides valuable insights into the Hancock County job market. While there were 10 applicants for the post of Ellsworth school superintendent, a breathtaking total of 50 candidates have applied for the job of Bucksport town manager. Well, Bucksport is a mighty pretty town.

The inevitable bad news that finds its way to the Front this week concerns mercury contamination of lobsters and crabs in the Castine-Verona Island area. The state Department of Marine Resources has closed a seven-mile area to fishing till things improve...which won't be anytime soon, as the closure is for two years.

We also present today a long and well-researched analysis of a tax break called "TIF." That stands for tax-increment financing and it was invented as an incentive for Maine businesses. Maybe it goes too far. Check it out.

And this is that week of all weeks when we publish our annual "Overview" section that looks both back and ahead on all aspects of Maine business and community growth. This one's a keeper.

All this plus complete coverage of the high school basketball tournament, our dazzling (and award-winning) Arts section, Gouldsboro's 225th, Sullivan's Winter Fest and a preview of The Ellsworth American's annual Indoor Yard Sale. Such a deal!

It's all in The American ... The Ellsworth American ... serving the community since 1851, the year Janua Adrianus Herklots named the Scyllarides herklotsii — a species of lobster found only on the Atlantic Coast of West Africa. The naming occurred in Herklots' doctoral thesis at the University of Leiden (Netherlands). The species is found from Senegal to Angola. It's edible, but there's no commercial market. This species on lobster is caught only by accident

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