The March 6th Issue of The American

The fire marshal has determined that Sunday's fire at the Birdsacre main house was intentionally set. Who would do such a thing? The better news is that brilliant work on the part of the Fire Department spared many of the artifacts within from smoke or water damage. Area museums and curators are pitching in to help Birdsacre get back up and running. Page 1.

With each passing day, the debate over wind energy heats up and the presence of tall wind turbines on the Maine skyline provokes renewed protests. Now the Maine Law Court has ruled that a 2012 deal worth hundreds of millions of dollars to expand wind energy projects across the Northeast is invalid. Page 1.

Green eggs and ham? Sure. Green crabs? Not so much. These devilish critters have moved into Maine waters and devastated the bivalve harvest. The Governor has declared war. Page 1.

High school show choirs and jazz performers did exceptionally well at the regional competition last Thursday at Sumner. We've got the story...and the pictures.

All this plus Lobster Economics 101, annual town meeting coverage, Lenten services, basketball, track, swimming and football and a story about a Sedgwick girl who made good and launched a line of apparel.

It's all in The American ...The Ellsworth American ... serving the community since 1851, the year the California Assembly on March 14 — in the midst of the Gold Rush — repealed the Foreign Miners Tax, which was designed to discourage gold mining by the Chinese.

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