The April 17th Issue of The American

Ever receive an e-mail from the former treasurer of a minor republic who wants to impart $19,000,000 to you sight unseen? Or an urgent message from your bank requiring you to confirm your account number? Maybe a phone call offering to dramatically lower your interest payments? Scams! There're more of them and they are more devious and seductive than ever. We talk to the experts. Page 1.

What if you gave an election and nobody came? There's a scary trend in many small towns that manifests itself in fewer candidates, fewer race and less participation in local government. What gives? Page 1.

You didn't make it to Saturday's history trivia quiz show at The Grand, "So You Think You Know Ellsworth?" That's OK, we've got the blow by blow...with pictures! Page 1.

All this plus the Citizen of the Year, big renovation plans for Bucksport High School, a preview of this year's Chefs' Gala, the spring sports schedule, a close look at the nefarious Heartbleed computer bug and a salute to MDI's Bunky Dow, Maine's Athletic Director of the Year. 

It's all in The American ... The Ellsworth American ... serving the community since 1851, the year after Los Angeles and San Francisco were incorporated as cities.

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