The September 20th Issue of The American

Blue Hill Memorial Hospital outlines plans for the future as Maine Coast Memorial Hospital reviews the year that was. All on the Front Page of today’s Ellsworth American.

We’ve got an update on that auto-pedestrian fatality in Blue Hill and an explanation for that power outage that doused the lights and the computers in downtown Ellsworth Wednesday morning.

Also, an investigative piece on former Governor Angus King’s tax break program for businesses. Did it work? Was it worth it? Find out.

We also have a fascinating piece on a species of butterfly that really ought not to be here. What gives/Did you say “climate change”? Could be.

We also get to toot our own horn over a national award our Editorial Pages just received. (We buried that one on Page 4.)

All this plus high school soccer and volleyball, an Oktoberfest preview full of bratwurst and beer, a sad farewell to two beloved Blue Hill town officials, the visit by the HMS Bounty to Castine, and the latest on the movement to withdraw from Regional School Unit 24.

It’s all in The American ... The Ellsworth American ... serving the community since 1851, the birth year of Walter Reed, the great American physician who earned his MD degree at the age of 18 and helped beat back yellow fever in the year 1900. The Walter Reed General Hospital in Washington, D.C., was named after him.

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