The September 27th Issue of The American

The bad news was a $1 million loss last year ... a loss that has everything to do with the state of Maine being $12 million behind in its Medicaid debt to Maine Coast Memorial Hospital. The good news includes excellent patient satisfaction scores, successful fund raising and new efficiencies in delivering first-rate health care. Page 1.

Did you hear that Garbo Lobster Co. on Wednesday morning bought the lobster processing plant in the village of Prospect Harbor — the former Stinson sardine cannery — for $900,000? Hey, read all about it. It’s Front Page news.

The race is on: three Ellsworth gentlemen are in pursuit of the two open seats on the Ellsworth City Council. Two of the candidates are seasoned veterans of city government and one is a gifted newbie. Check ’em out. Page 1.

And a new campaign by the state tourism authority is all about conveying the real story of Maine and its real charms as told by real people who live in the real Maine. (The idea originated in Virginia, where the program was called The Virginia Reel. Ha, ha: just kidding.) Anyway, read about marketing Maine for real. Page 1.

All this plus a highly readable special section devoted to this weekend’s Autumn Gold Celebration in Ellsworth, lots of high school sports, a neat feature about a Blue Hill lady’s research into the life of her suffragist great-grandmother, a feature about haying in Surry, an interview with Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Cynthia Dill and an announcement of a promotion at The Ellsworth American.

All in the aforesaid American ... The Ellsworth American ... serving the community since 1851, the year of the Jintian Uprising — an armed revolt formally declared by Hong Xiuquan on 11 February 1851 during the late Qing Dynasty. The uprising was named after Jintian (present-day Guiping, Guangxi), where it took place. It was the beginning of the Taiping Rebellion. History majors ,,, do we have your attention?

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