The October 4th Issue of The American

It’s our great, big PINK issue — our annual observance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We’ve got some excellent stories from battlers and survivors, God bless them.

And how would you like to have your very own gorgeous Maine island? Views to die for and an easy row to the mainland. Three and a half acres all for $3.50. (The price was $1 an acre.) Such a deal! Page 1.

They’re off and running for office in Hancock County. The first of three candidates forums sponsored by the League of Women Voters and The Ellsworth American was held Monday night in Blue Hill. Learn where they stand on the issues. Page 1.

Got your deer yet? Hey, it’s hunting season. We’ve got a report on the deer herd and some fascinating information of turkeys, bear and moose. Sorrento’s renaissance man, Sturgis Haskins, passed away over the weekend. If you never met him, well, just read our story about the man and you’ll feel like you’ve known him for years. Page 1.

All this plus apple pie, sports, crime, art, town news and a cautionary tale about taking your cat to the vet. All in The American ... The Ellsworth American ... serving the community since 1851, the year two tornados tore through western Sicily, killing more than 500 people, the highest death toll for a tornado event in continental Europe.

To this day, tornadoes are an extremely rare occurrence in Italy.

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