The October 18th Issue of The American

When somebody loses something and you find it, then you restore the thing to the rightful owner. Right? What if it’s marijuana? Read about Ellsworth Police Chief John DeLeo’s decision. Definitely worthy of Solomon. Page 1.

And share the excitement of an uninsured Blue Hill man who needed emergency surgery on a severed nerve. The bill? $12,000. Join us as we take a look at health care costs and check out our one-of-a-kind colonoscopy chart. (See if you can find one of those anywhere but in the EA.) Page 1.

The League of Women Voters and The American hosted a candidates forum Monday in Ellsworth. The candidates were forthright in their statements, generating more light than heat. Learn about who’s running.

Did we mention that we won a squillion awards last week? Possibly not ... we’re too modest. But not too modest to keep us from putting the story on Page 1.

And warm up to our annual Get Ready for Winter special section brimming with brilliant articles about firewood, mice, driving in snow, energy efficiency, snow blowers and full-spectrum light.

All this plus a marvelous look at a Grange that’s alive and kicking and big into show biz; a report in word and photo on the MDI Marathon; a fond farewell to a much loved Hancock grocery store owner; and a fascinating look at broadband access in Hancock County.

All in The American ... The Ellsworth American ... serving the community since 1851, the year the U.S. Mint pounded out nearly 10 million Braided Hair Large cents — at 9,889,707, it was the biggest mintage of all US large cents and has values of $18-$26 for a coin in average to good condition.

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