The November 22nd Issue of The American

We are grateful this Thanksgiving for your continued loyal support of our efforts to deliver the news of Hancock County, Maine. Be it tragedy or triumph, our aim each week is to hold a mirror up to this beautiful part of the world and say, “Here’s how you’re looking this week.”

And how are we looking this week? Well, Ellsworth City Councilor Michael Boucher resigned this week, citing “personal struggles,” which brings an end to the Boucher years at City Hall. His twin brother, Matthew, had also been a member of the City Council. Read all about it.

The First Wind folks who erected those ginormous turbines on Bull Hill were proud to announce this week that wind is Maine’s newest import. Who knew? Page 1.

The young gentleman who wandered into the Shaw’s Supermarket in Ellsworth last summer in order to rob the store’s pharmacy, found the pharmacy was closed and then turned his attention to the grocery checkout and soon thereafter was caught has been sentenced to prison. Page 1.

And we have a neat report on the potential cooperation of several seafood enterprises in Prospect Harbor. It could mean very good things for the Schoodic Peninsula.

All this plus Rick Roberts’ pitching clinic, Sandy Oliver’s cookbook, “Timon of Athens” (did anyone ever read that one?), cops, court, honor rolls, Islamic insights and our daring editorial on a national sales tax.

All in The American ... The Ellsworth American ... serving the community since 1851, when Governor Brigham Young declared a day of thanksgiving for the Mormon territory of Utah.

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