The December 27 Issue of The Ellsworth American

How’s business at area gun shops? Booming. Fearing that Congress will enact a freeze on sales of semi-automatic rifles, gun enthusiasts have been stocking up. Regardless of where you stand on the subject of gun ownership, you’ll find this to be an enlightening piece. Page 1.

After four years of “wandering in the wilderness,” Ellsworth’s Church of Life & Praise has been born again. The church was destroyed by fire in July of 2008. The members are rebuilding. Page 1.

The Coast Guard has called off its search for the two Stonington fishermen who went missing off the coast of Massachusetts Dec. 15. Two communities hold vigils. Page 1.

And the Lamoine Consolidated School Robotics Team won second place in the state’s robotic tournament. Read about their cunning invention.

All this plus boys’ and girls’ basketball, Ellsworth picks up its “Business Friendly” signs, the invasion of the Japanese seaweed, Ellsworth’s deputy fire chief is deployed to Afghanistan, a preview of the 26th annual Camden Conference and a preview of Ellsworth’s 250th anniversary celebration.

All in The American ... The Ellsworth American ... serving the community since 1851, the year John James Audubon, conservationist (Audubon Society), died at age 65. After a life full of ups and downs, debt, jail and fame, he traveled out West to record Western species he had missed, but his health began to fail. In 1848, he manifested signs of senility, his “noble mind in ruins.”

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