The January 17th Issue of The American

Got your flu shot yet? Health professionals really want you to get one now that the state Centers for Disease Control has declared a flu epidemic in Maine. Read all about it. Page 1.

The Governor giveth and the Governor taketh away. But it seems like the taketh away part is outpacing the giveth. New in the crosshairs: municipal revenue sharing funds. Front Page.

And some citizens of Blue Hill are frosted by the plan to construct a Dunkin’ Donuts on South Street. We’ve got the story.

Oh, one more thing: a handsome 8-page section devoted to the new Mary Dow Center for Cancer Care up at Maine Coast Memorial Hospital. Read it and you’ll be an expert on the subject.

All this plus high school cheerleading, basketball and swimming, Surry School news, an Ellsworth High School feature, cops & court, our dazzling Arts & Leisure pages and the latest on the bidding for that early Stephen King novel.

All in The American ... The Ellsworth American ... serving the community since 1851, the year Ambrose Rallis inaugurated a poetry competition in Greece and assigned its management to the University of Athens. The Rallis Poetry Competition provided the blueprint for similar competitions in Greece with the faculty of the University of Athens playing a leading managerial role in all of these competitions until 1910 when the Averov Drama Competition was established. In this competition the judges evaluated the plays in performance, not just as scripts.

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