The February 14th Issue of The American

The Blue Hill Planning Board on Monday gave its unanimous approval to a proposal to construct a Dunkin’ Donuts on South Street. Residents who opposed the plan cited the town’s rustic qualities and the potential impact of a national chain. Page 1

Things are perking up at the PERC trash incinerator in Orrington. More in-state trash means lower tipping fees and less solid waste going into the ground. Win-win. Page 1.

Former State Sen. Richard Rosen of Bucksport is settling into his new job as the Governor’s No. 1 efficiency expert. Read all about it.

And read about the Hancock man who saved his beloved beagle, Tootsie, after she went through the ice. A tale of love for Valentine’s Day. Front page.

All this plus high school track, swimming, basketball and cheerleading championships; a fond profile of the late Walter Nowick of Surry; Ellsworth’s Firefighter of the Year; a new bakery in Sedgwick; drug testing at Acadia Christian; doggie retraining and a report of a close one: a power pole on the back of a tractor-trailer went through the windshield of a Franklin man’s pickup. Injuries? A cut pinkie. Whew.

All in The American ... The Ellsworth American ... serving the community since 1851, the year Mark Twain commenced writing his “Early Tales and Sketches.” Speaking of Mr. Twain, and reflecting on the week’s wildly fluctuating weather behavior, we are reminded that it was Mark Twain who quipped, “If you don’t like the weather in New England, wait a few minutes.”

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