The February 21st Issue of The American

Was that Blue Hill gentleman charged with illegal possession of marijuana a dealer or a healer? The law got a lot more complicated with the provision for legal medical marijuana. Read all about it.

We have the thrill of victory and the heartache of defeat all over the place this week with complete coverage of the Eastern Maine high school basketball tournament and the state track championship.

Most special of all this week is our signature annual publication — Overview 2013 — your must-have compilation of reports on trade, tourism, fishing, real estate, banking, construction and more, plus town by town profiles of every municipality in Hancock County. Want to be informed? Dip into Overview.

All this plus our brilliant shopping column and another impenetrable wine review, town news from Bucksport, Sedgwick, Blue Hill, Winter Harbor and Ellsworth (just to name a few), a very positive story about old glass-plate negatives and a photo featurette on the recently concluded Ellsworth Winter Carnival.

All in The American ... The Ellsworth American ... serving the community since 1851, when Leo Tolstoy, age 23 and serving as a cadet in the Russian army, began his first novel, “Childhood.” It was very well received and was followed by “Boyhood” and “Youth.”

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