The April 18th Issue of The American

“It’s the world’s greatest marathon.” So said Jim Newett of Ellsworth the day after completing his 20th run of the Boston Marathon. His regard for the annual competition added to his angst as he recounted the hours after the terrible bomb blasts that despoiled the event and horrified the world. We have first-person, eyewitness accounts from three Hancock County residents in this week’s edition. Page 1.

Less catastrophic but no less cruel is the surge in identity thefts leaving innocent, straight-from-the-shoulder citizens confused, upset and ripped-off. The latest iteration involves theft of Social Security numbers and filing false tax returns. The scammers net the rebate and the victim and IRS are plunged into a months-long investigation. It’s happening here. Page 1.

We all know the country music classic “She Got the Goldmine, I Got the Shaft” (don’t we?). The Ellsworth variation involves a divorcing couple arguing in the Walmart lot over a different property division. She Got the TV, He Got the Remote. Tune in. Page 1.

Did you read our story a couple of weeks ago about the Amherst lawmaker who filed a bill that would allow you to stop at a red light and, if the coast was clear, keep going? Guess what it hit in Augusta? Speed bumps. Doesn’t look like anybody’s going to greenlight this one.

All this plus spring sports coverage, a “Camelot” preview, an interview with the author of “Orphan Train,” a new Dunkin’ Donuts planned for Ellsworth, area honor rolls and a review of “Zero Dark Thirty” — the hunt for bin Laden.

All in The American ... The Ellsworth American ... serving the community since 1851, the year the North American Baptists organized a conference in Philadelphia — the "Conference of Ministers and Helpers of German Churches of Baptized Christians, usually called Baptists." Another conference was formed in 1859 in Springfield, Ill. The first German Baptist church in Canada was established by August Rauschenbusch in Ontario in 1851.

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