The April 25th Issue of The American

The per-pupil cost of schooling in Maine kazooms as high as $62,000 and bottoms out at $5,600. Why so high and how so low? And why the wild variations from one town to another? You got questions ... we got answers. Page 1.

And that must have been one wild scene Wednesday morning when a deeply motivated store owner battled and ultimately disarmed an armed robber and held him at knifepoint till the cops arrived. Read all about it.

We still don’t know why it’s called “sequester.” Isn’t that what you do with a witness? Guess not ... sequester means cuts in federal spending, which means less money for federal programs. Hancock County agencies feel the pain. Page 1.

And farewell to the roundly admired manager of the Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport. Allison Rogers is leaving to take a similar post in Sanford. Fly high!

All this plus our gorgeous House and Garden section, complete baseball and softball schedules, Dancing with the Stars results (we have the pictures), Ellsworth drinking water, gun shops running out of ammo, Eastbrook and Surry town meeting coverage and everything you need to know about suntans without sun. Or lamps. Or tanning beds.

And it’s all in The American ... The Ellsworth American ... serving the community since 1851, the year the Finnish Navy launched the Rurik, a steam-powered frigate named in honor of the semi-legendary founder of ancient Russia. At the time of her construction she was the largest ship ever built in Finland. Although financed by Finns, the ship ended up serving as an escort vessel to the Russian imperial yacht. She survived the Crimean War and later served in the Russian Baltic fleet.

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