Brooksville Legacy: “One Morning in Maine”
   The legacy of “One Morning in
Maine,” the children’s book about an island family’s trip to the nearest town, has lived on for many years in Brooksville.
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Nearings Had the Good Life at Harborside
Cape Rosier seems a world apart from the buzz of a growing, developing Hancock County. Exactly 50 years ago,  that is where Helen and Scott Nearing made their last home. They lived a back-to-the-land lifestyle with a commitment to social justice.
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Isabel Condon Is Still Signing Books at 92
   After 70 years in the same house, Isabel Condon says, at 92, she could do with one slightly smaller. But she reckons she’ll stay in the roomy, white clapboard house on Cornfield Hill Road, just up from the Bucks Harbor Market.
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Library 50 Years Old
   Residents crowded into the Brooksville Free Public Library Sunday, May 19, for a double celebration. It was the 50th anniversary of the incorporation of the library and the 10th anniversary of its location in the
Public Service Building.
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Written and photographed by Katherine Williams. She can be contacted at 667-2576.

Go Figure

Brooksville Facts
Population, 2000: 911
Population, 1990: 760
Population 19 years old and younger, 2000: 183
Median age: 48.6
School: Brooksville Elementary School
Library: Brookswille Free Public Library
Churches: Congregational 1, Interdenominational 1, United Methodist 2
Town meeting: First Tuesday in March
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They Said It

“We have had lots of people who have moved in: You can just see the dirt roads going to their new homes off the main road.”
Isabel Condon


   1605: Area first explored by James Rosier.
   1766: Dutchman John Bakeman builds the Goose Falls Sawmill.
   1786: Grays Mill at Brooksville Corner established, lasting as a grist and saw mill for 150 years and 50 more years as a wool carting mill. The mill burned in 1962.
   1817: Town formed from parts of Sedgwick, Castine and Penobscot. Named in honor of Massachusetts Governor John Brooks.
1846: Old Town House was built, used for town business until it was replaced in 1991.
1850: Ice works established at Walkers Pond.