Lamoine: A Place with a Poker Face
Beach is a favorite place for residents’ recreation—when they are not in committee meetings deciding the town’s future.
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Coaling Station Put Town on Map
   Lamoine hit its height in terms of significance to the federal government exactly 100 years ago—when the North Atlantic fleet arrived on the town’s shoreline to refuel in August of 1903.

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Enduring Quilt Celebrates Town’s Past
   Back in 1995, the year that Lamoine marked 125 years as a town, Marion McFarland took charge of the local ladies’ quilt project—and rightly so..

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State Park Means Camping by the Sea, With Lobster
   By day, the Lamoine State Park is popular with the locals. By night, however, the park is the domain of visitors from away.

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Marckoon’s Got That Familiar Face—and Voice
   Stu Marckoon has the longest list of titles in town: administrative assistant, deputy clerk, treasurer, road commissioner and deputy tax collector.
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Written and photographed by Katherine Williams.  She can be contacted at 667-2576.

Go Figure

Acreage: 20,005
Lamoine Facts:
Acreage: 11,028
Population, 2000: 1,495
Population, 1990: 1,311
Population, 19 years and younger, 2000: 393
Median age: 41.0
Library: None
School: Lamoine Consolidated School
Lamoine Baptist Church
Town meeting: March
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They Said It

They Said It
“It’s a great day when everything is busy…I like that, when everything in town is just
humming at once.”
——Stu Marckoon, town administrative assistant


   1774: Captain Gilpatric is early settler west of the Skilling’s River. His deed came from LaMoyne, an even earlier French settler.
   1792: Several French families come to what is now East Lamoine
   1870: Town is set off from Trenton and incorporates as Lamoine.